Luxury Defined

Inaugurated in 2009, M/S Tosca offers old world elegance and sophistication blend in perfect harmony with modern amenities and comforts. This vessel is decorated by the renowned interior design team responsible for furnishing the prestigious, award-winning Red Carnation Hotel Collection. Lavishly adorned with original artwork and rich, warm, wood paneling throughout the ship, spacious suites, M/S Tosca sets a new standard of luxury on the Nile.


Guests will find a host of onboard activities and amenities including a 24-hour reception service, a sun deck featuring a cabana-lined swimming pool, a fully-equipped gym, a cozy library, an elegant restaurant, beautifully adorned lounge with full service bar, and a boutique for gifts. And when night falls, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the star-tilled sky and entertainment on the ship’s elegant rooftop bar.

Technical Information

      • True 5-star class river cruise boat
      • Length 72 m
      • Width 15 m
      • Draft 1.60 m
      • 4 decks + 1 sun deck
      • Water purification system
      • Fire and sound proof walls and ceiling
      • Approved by Polski Register Statkow
      • Smoking is allowed on the sundeck only


Boat’s Amenities & Public Areas

      • Spacious lounge and full-service bar
      • Library
      • Restaurant with 82 covers (dress code is smart casual)
      • Sun deck with a cabana-lined swimming pool and a rooftop bar
      • Fully equipped gym and massage room
      • Boutique for gifts
      • Wifi in the boat’s public areas

Guest Cabins

      • 39 Suites ca. 30 sqm
      • 2 Presidential suites ca. 60 sqm
      • French balcony & fixed panorama window 1.50 m x 2.15 m
      • En suite bathroom ca. 6.40 sqm with shower and bathtub, elegant robes and slippers.
      • Hair dryer
      • Individually controllable air conditioning
      • Flat screen TV (marine satellite)
      • Mini fridge
      • Direct-dial phone
      • Safe deposit box
      • Wifi (against charge)
      • iPod docking station


Presidential Suites have all the above-mentioned features with addition to a living room and an iPod. Furthermore, each Presidential suite is having 2 balconies (one of them is French).

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