M/S La Traviata has proved be a long term favorite with many regular Nile cruise guests.The cozy restaurant on the lower deck serves 88 guests and serves both – international and Egyptian cuisine. Lounge bar with dance floor and music system for evening entertainment. The sundeck offers a pool as well as sun loungers and a shaded area.

The reception offers full services including an international phone. The gift shop on board has a wide range of gifts and souvenirs from Egypt.

Technical Information

      • True 5-star class river cruise boat
      • Length 72 m
      • Width 15 m
      • Draft 1.60 m
      • 4 decks + 1 sun deck
      • Water purification system
      • Fire and sound proof walls and ceiling
      • Approved by Polski Register Statkow
      • Smoking is allowed on the sundeck only


Boat’s Amenities & Public Areas

      • Spacious lounge and full-service bar
      • Library
      • Restaurant with 82 covers (dress code is smart casual)
      • Sun deck with a cabana-lined swimming pool and a rooftop bar
      • Fully equipped gym and massage room
      • Boutique for gifts
      • Wifi in the boat’s public areas

Guest Cabins

M/S La Traviata has a total of 42 cabins:

      • 1 single cabin ca. 14 sqm
      • 27 Twin cabins ca. 18 to 20 sqm
      • 14 Double cabins ca. 18 to 20 sqm


All the cabins overview the River Nile featuring:

      • Private balcony (except single cabins)
      • Bathroom with shower/tub
      • Hair dryer
      • Individually controlled air conditioning
      • Satellite-TV (while the boat is docked)
      • Mini bar
      • Internal phone
      • Safe deposit box

Photo Gallery

Download Photos

Cruise Itineraries

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