The M/S Nile Sapphire is one of the largest vessels on the River Nile. The reception desk provides full services including international telephone. The restaurant (on lower deck) serves both – international and Egyptian cuisine for 140 guests. The very spacious lounge bar (on main deck) offer panoramic views of the Nile and is tastefully furnished. The lounge offers international bar services with a dance floor and music system for evening entertainment.


The sundeck stretches the full length of the boat, has a swimming pool as well as a pool side bar surrounded with cane tables, chairs and sun loungers. The gift shop on board offers a variety of gifts and souvenirs from Egypt.

Technical Information

      • 5 stars
      • Length 72.15 m
      • Width 14.80 m
      • Height 11.50 m
      • Draft 1.60 m
      • 4 decks + 1 sun deck
      • Water purification system
      • Fire and sound proof walls and ceiling
      • Smoking is allowed on the sundeck only


Boat’s Amenities & Public Areas

      • Spacious lounge and bar
      • Wifi (against charge)
      • Restaurant with 140 covers
      • Sun deck with bar and swimming pool
      • Gift shop

Guest Cabins

The M/S Nile Sapphire has 70 cabins:

      • 42 Twin cabins ca. 20 sqm
      • 27 Double cabins ca. 20 sqm
      • 1 Single cabin ca. 17 sqm


All cabins overview the River Nile and they feature:

      • Bathroom with W.C. / shower
      • Hair dryer
      • Individually controllable air conditioning
      • Flat Screen TV (marine satellite)
      • Mini bar
      • Internal phone
      • Safe deposit box

Photo Gallery

Download Photos

Cruise Itineraries

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