This impressive boat is among the most luxurious of all boats on the Nile. Elegantly furnished with fabrics, wood paneling and classic style furniture, this boat offers a sophisticated setting for your Nile Cruise. The restaurant offers 120 covers with a combination of waiter service and buffet meals which allows you to sample both – Egyptian and international cuisine. 

The spacious lounge bar is tastefully furnished and offers international bar service. The main lounge has a music system and dance floor for evening entertainment which includes an Egyptian folklore show and a belly dancer. The separate bar area with comfortable Chesterfield sofas offers panoramic views of the Nile River and a restful place to relax with a book.

On the top deck, the extensive sun deck runs the length and width of the ship, a swimming pool and bar surrounded with elegant cane tables, chairs and sun loungers. 

The 24-hour reception desk provides full services as well as international telephone. The gift shop on board offers both – practical items as well as gifts from Egypt.

Technical Information

      • 5 stars
      • Length 72 m
      • Width 14.50 m
      • Height 11.55 m
      • Draft 1.52 m
      • 4 decks +1 sun deck
      • Water purification system
      • Fire and sound proof walls and ceilings
      • Approved by Lloyds Shipping of London
      • Smoking is allowed on the sundeck only


Boat’s Amenities & Public Areas

      • 24-hour reception desk
      • Wifi (against charge)
      • Spacious lounge and bar
      • Restaurant with 120 covers
      • Sun deck with bar and swimming pool
      • Gift shop

Guest Cabins

The M/S Miriam has 59 cabins/suites:

      • 36 Twin cabins ca. 20 sqm
      • 18 Double cabins ca. 20 sqm
      • 2 Double cabins ca. 16 sqm
      • 1 Single cabins ca. 11 sqm
      • 2 Junior suites ca. 24 sqm


All cabins/suites overview the River Nile and they feature:

      • En suite bathroom with shower/tub
      • Hair dryer
      • Individually controllable air conditioning
      • Flat Screen TV (marine satellite)
      • Mini bar
      • Internal phone
      • Safe deposit box

Photo Gallery

Download Photos

Cruise Itineraries

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