Hurghada, Egypt’s southernmost oil region was originally a fishing village before being developed into one of Egypt’s most frequently visited holiday destinations. Located approximately 530 kilometers southeast of Cairo, Local flights are scheduled throughout the day while regular international charter carriers come from all around the globe. 

Recent increases in the number of scheduled international charter flights to Hurghada International Airport reflect just how busy this town and the surrounding areas have become. The airport also ensures that day trips can be made to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan. In addition, there’s the possibility of traveling to the Sinai Peninsula by luxurious speed cruise boats.

Hurghada has over 120 hotels with a vast selection of leading hotel chains owing established resorts in and around Hurghada Town. Mainly spread along the coastline, the resorts have a great panoramic view of the sea, which is best appreciated at dawn with the sunrise on the horizon.

The long stretches of fine sandy beaches provide great venues for an energetic beach competition while those seeking rest and relaxation can sunbathe in idyllic surroundings, ride along the coast by camel, snorkel over the coral reefs near the shoreline, swim with tropical fish, or venture out to a Red Sea island. 

Gifton Island, just an hour from Hurghada by boat, at the heart of the Red Sea, is a national protected area that has much to offer incentive groups. Upon arrival, Egyptian musicians and a spectacular oriental folkloric show meet the group. Split into teams, or working individually, the group will have the option of two treasure hunt activities, in the desert or underwater.

The  Museum of Marine Biology, based around five kilometers north Hurghada town, is also worth a visit. The museum creates a walkthrough underwater world with a collection of coral reefs and almost every kind of Red Sea species, including a turtle and shark. In town, the red sea Aquarium also has an extensive collection of multi-colored marine life. 

Hurghada is renowned  for having the best nightlife on the Red Sea coast. Although most restaurants ar on the main road, incentive groups usually dine at special locations, such as ’Alf Leila We Leila’, a fairytale 1001 Nights complex with a colorful tower, dome, and golden royal gates. However, the evening need not end here. Nights owls can make their way to central Hurghada town, where many Busy discos, nightclubs, bars, and casinos are only just coming alive.

Groups can hire boats in Hurghada and row out to one of the reefs for personalized snorkeling experience while a glass bottom boat displays the sea world from an alternative vantage point. In the evening, groups can Enjoy a horse or camel ride into the desert. Where they will be greeted with folkloric entertainment such as fire- eaters and dancing horse show, with amusement continuing throughout the night.